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Transportation Alternatives to Canakkale

The province of Canakkale lies on both sides of the Dardanelles which connects the Sea of Marmara to the Aegean Sea. Its shores touch both Europe (with the Gelibolu Peninsula) and Asia (with the Biga Peninsula) and there are regular ferries between the two sides

Transportation by bus

If you are coming from istanbul, the buses stop at the ferry jetty square. If you are coming from Ankara or izmir, buses usually stop at the central bus station (otogar). There are frequent busses from Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, Bandirma and so on to Canakkale. The companies working on these routes are Canakkale Truva, Kamil Koc, Metro, and Radar

Transportation by Flight

The flights to Istanbul operates between Canakkale Airport and Istanbul Ataturk International Airport. You can buy your tickets online @ www.atlasjet.com.tr The schedule from Istanbul to Canakkale is everday except Saturday around 21:30 P.M. and arrives Canakkale @ 22.15 P.M. From Canakkale to Istanbul everday except Sunday around 07:00 a.m. and arrives Istanbul @ 07:45 a.m.

The distance between city center to airport is less than 3 km. The bus service works between airport and Ferry Jetty Square (Iskele Meydani), Alternatively the taxi would also not cost too much.

Transportation by Car

Istanbul to Canakkale By Car;

If you rent a car from Istanbul, the directions to Canakkale are as follow.

Take the E6 'pay road' to the 'EDIRNE' Direction, Exit from the pay road from the 'KINALI' Exit. Follow the road to 'TEKIRDAG', and after 'TEKIRDAG' you will pass the town 'MALKARA'. After 'MALKARA', carry on to the town KESAN. After KESAN, follow the road to CANAKKALE direction. On the road, you will pass through 'GELIBOLU' town , and finally arrive to ECEABAT. In ECEABAT, you will take the ferries to CANAKKALE.There are frequent ferries almost every hour on the hour 24 hours / 7 day. It takes around 25 minutes to cross the dardanelles strait and arrive CANAKKALE.

If the que is too long for the ferry to CANAKKALE, you can carry on the village KILITBAHIR, which is just 3 km away from ECEABAT. There are medium size ferries working between KILITBAHIR and CANAKKALE. They cross the strait in 15 minutes.

Izmir to Canakkale By Car

If you are coming from Izmir to Canakkale by car, you will see the clear signs to Canakkale all the way long. After exiting Izmir towards Canakkale, you will pass following towns on the road; Menemen, Aliaga, Sakran, Bergama Junction (Pergomon), Ayvalik, Burhaniye, Edremit, Akcay, Altinoluk, Kucukkuyu, Ezine and finally Canakkale. When you reach Canakkale, drive along the signs to Ferry Jetty. You will see Anzac Hotel adjacent to the historical clock tower.

Transportation by Fast Ferry

You can take the fast ferry from ISTANBUL to BANDIRMA, which would take around 1 hour 45 minutes. The distance between BANDIRMA and CANAKKALE is around 170 Km and takes around 2 hours 30 minutes drive by coach. When you reach the BANDIRMA fast ferry port, take a taxi or minibus to main bus terminal, and take a bus to CANAKKALE from the main bus terminal of BANDIRMA. For the latest schedule and reservation of the fast ferry working between ISTANBUL and BANDIRMA, please click www.ido.com.tr

The distances to the major cities and places

The distances to the major cities and places are as follow.

Istanbul (Ataturk Airport) 320 Km., Izmir (Adnan Menderes Airport) 330 Km., Bursa 280 Km, Ankara 650 Km, Bandırma (Fast Ferry Jetty) 170 Km

Assos 90 Km., Troy 30 Km., Bozcaada 50 Km., Gallipoli Peninsula 3 Km

Canakkale Maps

Below you can see the simple map of Canakkale Turkey. Please click to enlarge the canakkale map below.

Below you can see the regional Canakkale Map

Below you can see the map of Canakkale in the Turkey Map

Below you can see the Canakkale Satellite Map



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